Motor Vehicle Accidents

Graham has represented hundreds of motor vehicle accident victims, helping them obtain statutory accident benefits from their own motor vehicle insurers, and compensation from at-fault motorists.

Motorcycle Accidents

Graham has loved motorcycles all his life, and has travelled much of the world by motorcycle.  He understands the risks that motorcyclists face and has a special interest in acting for motorcyclists and helping them obtain benefits and compensation after an accident.

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Insurance Disputes

Graham has experience acting for both insurance companies and individuals.  Individuals can find it overwhelming to deal with large insurers - over the years Graham has helped hundreds of clients obtain long-term disability benefits, life insurance proceeds, and property damages from insurers who have denied benefits or limited coverage.

Medical Malpractice

Canadians are fortunate to have a generally excellent healthcare system, but unfortunately, mistakes do still occur.  When that happens, Graham has helped many victims of medical malpractice obtain compensation.

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