Slip and Fall Injuries

Falls, particularly those on hard surfaces such as icy sidewalks, parking lots, and slippery concrete surfaces, can lead to very serious injuries.  If an occupier has failed to properly maintain premises indoors or out, Bennett Legal can assist you in securing fair compensation.


Motor Vehicle Collisions

Graham has represented hundreds of motor vehicle accident victims, helping them obtain statutory accident benefits from their own motor vehicle insurers, and compensation from at-fault motorists.

Motorcycle Accidents

Graham has loved motorcycles all his life, and has travelled much of the world by motorcycle.  He understands the risks that motorcyclists face and has a special interest in acting for motorcyclists and helping them obtain benefits and compensation after an accident.

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Insurance Disputes

Graham has experience acting for both insurance companies and individuals.  Individuals can find it overwhelming to deal with large insurers - over the years Graham has helped hundreds of clients resolve insurance disputes involving many different types of losses.

Disability Claims

Has a disability insurer denied you long-term benefits under a policy of disability insurance?  Bennett Legal can review the policy and your individual situation with you to determine if a formal action for declaratory relief is appropriate.

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Counsel Work

Graham is available to act as counsel in both trial and appellate matters.  In cases that have failed to resolve and trial is the only alternative, Bennett Legal is available to step in as trial counsel, or to provide a fresh set of eyes on matters headed for appeal.